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Artificial sweetener: Is it healthy?

Artificial sweeteners have been gaining popularity in recent years as people claim that it is a healthier option compared to sugar. But is it true?

What is artificial sweetener?

Artificial sweeteners are basically synthetic sugar substitutes. Many dieters opt for artificial sweeteners to lose weight as they believe that it has lower calories than sugar. Also, some artificial sweeteners have been found to be many times sweeter than sugar.

Not all artificial sweeteners are created equally…

Jeffrey Morrison, M.D., a physician and nutrition adviser for Equinox fitness clubs claimed that many of the sugar substitutes found in diet foods and drinks are full of chemicals. It can give negative effects to our immune system as our body needs to work extra hard to break them down.

Also, yes artificial sweeteners can contain zero calories or have a lower caloric count than sugar but ‘innocent’ dieters would go, “I’m drinking diet soda so I’m allowed to eat a box of pizza”.

Negative effects of artificial sweeteners

  • Change in eating behaviour
  • Might result in weight gain
  • Affect your taste buds: your taste buds become accustomed to super-sweet things
  • Can lead to bloating and pain in the abdomen
  • Some artificial sweeteners are dangerous to people with health problems like diabetes, etc.

After all, sugar is not that bad

Be it sugar or artificial sweeteners, you should always have them in moderation. If you’re craving something sugary, have fruits or natural juices instead. This way your body will receive all the nutrients it requires.

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