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Are energy bars healthy and do you need it?

Always have a pack of energy bar in your bag in case you don’t have time to have a proper meal before hitting the gym? Let’s find out if you really need it.

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What is an energy bar?

Energy bars were produced in the late 1960s and they were designed for astronauts in space. Shortly after that, the product found its way into the sports scene, often marketed as a meal replacement.

Energy bars consists of macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbohydrates like any other food. Many bars are high in carbo which can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and can be a good boost if you are running a marathon.

Energy bars are designed to allow us to work out longer and at a higher intensity. A typical energy bar contains 200-300 calories on average and they come in a wide variety of flavours.

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Do you need an energy bar?

1.Know why you’re eating an energy bar. Is it because you need an instant boost for any high-intensity activities or to temporarily replace missed meals? You can try consuming high-energy real foods instead.

2. What’s your calorie intake? Pay attention to the calories in these energy bars as it is normally high in calorie. 50g energy bars can contain about 150 -200 calories, almost 10% of our daily calorie needs (based on the standard of daily calories intake). This is bad especially if you’re planning to lose some weight.

3. Never put convenience over nutrition. Just because energy bars are convenient and perfect go-to-snack for your busy schedule, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect your real food needs.

Real food is the better alternative

If possible, avoid taking energy bars on a regular basis especially if you don’t have the need to do so. Opt for high energy real foods such as bananas, apples, oranges and coffee (consume in moderation).

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