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Abs workouts that you should avoid

Abs is one of the hardest muscles to train. In the past, we’ve been convinced to do as many crunches and sit-ups as possible, but is it true? Is that the only way to work your abs? Find out which abs workouts you should stop doing today!


Yeay! Who on earth likes doing sit-ups? It’s painful and not very dynamic. To work your abs or any other muscle, you need to be doing dynamic movements – a movement that can train multiple muscles at a time. Sit-ups only targets abdominal muscle making it a not very effective workout to build your 6-pack.


Another difficult workout you can stop doing. Why? When performing a crunch, you put pressure on your spine leading to lower back pain and neck strain!

Check out these effective workouts for 6-pack abs!

Ab machines

Why is it not the best way to work your abs? Because you’re going to be prone to injury. Normally people tend to overload machines with heavy weights putting the core under a lot of pressure. However, if you’re comfortable with machines, go for light weights with as many reps as possible.

Dumbbell side bends

A very similar reason to the point above, you are putting yourself at risk of an injury. This workout might be effective if you are targeting your obliques not abs. You need to consider factors like muscular imbalances, injuries, the physical demands of your job, your everyday life before performing this workout. For example, a pregnant woman may not be able to perform this workout.

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