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A peek into the lavish mansions of famous footballers

We all know that footballers are the highest paid athletes in the world so it’s not a surprise that they love to splurge on lavish things because why not, ey?

Let’s take a short peek into some of the most expensive homes of these famous footballers:


His new mansion is a double villa in one of the best sought after locations in the hills of Turin. His home is furnished with 200 rooms (!!) 8 bedrooms across 3 floors, a gym, an indoor pool and even has TWO secret entrances as a bunker to escape the paparazzi when required!

Value: According to La Repubblica, Irish rock band U2 requested to stay in the same villa for 6 nights but it was a little steep for them at 40,000 euros a day. Do your math!



The Manchester United player bought this luxury home in Hale Barns, England, right after his transfer to the football club. According to a source from The Mirror UK, the 29-year-old’s pad boasts five double bedrooms, a cinema room, sun terrace, piano room with bar and a detached three-car garage with a gym right above it.

Value: £1.9million

*The house is currently on the market again just months after he bought it. Maybe it’s not glamourous enough for Mr Sanchez? Or could it be that he’s looking for a new club?

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He was forced to move out of his Paris home after fans climb over wall into his property, so Neymar Jr. decided to fork out a large sum of money to live in 22,000 sq.ft, seven-bedroom, 12 bathroom mansion in Los Angeles temporarily before moving back to a “secret” location in France. Oh what a life! The LA mansion includes a pool, jacuzzi, fountains, a tennis court, gym, sauna and a movie theatre. I wouldn’t even leave the house if I get all these amenities to be honest!

Value: $10,000 a night

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Last but not least – living with his wife Victoria and kids Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper in Holland Park, West London, David’s modern townhouse mansion is fashionable yet oh so very cozy. The Beckhams moved into the property back in 2016 and it features plenty of space, an underground car park and even has a tunnel that links the main part of the house to a second property behind (for their staff, apparently).

Value: Estimated to be around £40 million


@Davidbeckham on IG

@Davidbeckham on IG

@DavidBeckham on IG


Which of these houses would you choose to live in? Comment below!

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