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8 ways to boost your stamina

Sports like football requires you to have great stamina levels. Check out what you can do to enhance your stamina!


Try to do 3 to 4 times cardio per week. You should do different forms of cardio like running, swimming, and cycling in each session to increase your body resistance and stamina. Apart from switching between the different types of cardio activities, experiment with the duration of your workout to get better results.

2. Include hybrid exercises

Hybrid exercises are exercises that combine two basic movements which aim to work more muscles at one time such as the overhead press squat, push up walk back and lunge burpee. These kind of exercises will challenge your cardiovascular and endurance level to help build up your stamina in no time.

3. Limit rests between sets

If you have little rest in between sets, you will train your body to endure more and improve your stamina level. If you find yourself breathing heavily, feel your muscles burning and can’t seem to continue any more than congratulations, your stamina is slowly improving.


Drink water to help your body fight muscle fatigue. If you are not drinking enough water, your muscle will take a longer time to recover and this affects your workout frequency and eventually stamina.

5. Nutrition

Similar to why you need to drink water, nutrition can help to fuel your body. A well-balanced diet and sufficient workout will boost your stamina level.

6. Avoid routine

Routine will make your body lazy. The human body gets used to a certain workout after two weeks and it will be great if you can keep things fresh. Different activities every two weeks will help you build stamina and endurance.

7. Consistent

Do not quit if you haven’t achieved your goals yet. Be more consistent and try doing things differently.

8. Rest

The most important thing of all is to make sure you get enough rest. Your body will not cooperate if you refuse to treat it with respect. Listen to your body!

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