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8 superfoods to help you build muscle

Having six-pack abs and toned biceps aren’t a necessity when it comes to football, but it sure will make you feel and look good!

Cristiano Ronaldo, Memphis Depay and Luis Nani are some of the footballers with great physiques and impressive fitness levels. Check out what food you should consume more if you want to become like them:


Loaded with protein, minerals, vitamins and good fats which are essential for increasing your muscle mass, eggs are one of the most versatile foods ever. You can scramble, fry, poach, soft or hard boil to enjoy eggs.

2. Skinless chicken

Another excellent source of protein, skinless chicken can help to maintain and repair your muscle. However, avoid eating chicken skin as it is full of fat and opt for chicken breasts as it contains the most protein.

3. Lentils

Lentils are very inexpensive and have slow-digesting carbohydrates which will make you feel full longer.

4. Tempeh

Tempeh is a traditional Southeast Asian soy product that provides 41% of your daily protein needs.

5. Fish

If you’re bored of chicken, opt for fish especially cod, halibut and haddock. They’re high in protein and low in fat which is great to improve your heart health.

6. Greek yogurt

Not to be confused with normal yogurt, Greek yogurt contains double the amount of protein compared to the normal ones.


Nuts contain protein, fats and fibre making them a guilt-free snack that’s perfect for muscle-building.


Having trouble staying lean? Replace rice and grain in your diet with chickpeas.

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