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6 tips to get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is crucial for your health and not getting enough sleep at night can affect your performance especially if you’re an athlete. Getting good rest is as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Check out ways you can improve your sleep for better performance on the pitch.

1.Proper sleeping schedule

Proper sleeping schedule, even on weekends will help to regulate your body clock and you’ll find yourself functioning better and your health will improve.

2.Exercise daily

Exercise will tire your body and not just make you sleep better but also help you get quality sleep. However, refrain yourself from exercising close to your bedtime as it can raise your body temperature, and speed up your heart rate making it hard to fall asleep.

3.Improve your room environment

Pay close attention to the temperature, noise, lighting and your bed! Make sure your bed is clean, comfortable and not exposed to any direct light. Try to minimize any noise or distractions.

4.Your eating habit makes different

Avoid drinking coffee or any caffeinated drinks a few hours before your bedtime. Also, go easy on your dinner especially if you’re eating close to your bedtime to avoid any discomfort from indigestion.

5. Go outside!

Spend some time outside to expose your body to natural daylight and regulate your body clock, or also known as circadian rhythm, to be as healthy as possible.

6. Be careful with naptime

Naptime can be both good and bad. You should only nap for around 30 minutes or less to enhance your brain function. If you nap longer, it will affect your health and overall sleep quality.

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