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5 workouts for people with knee problems

Knee injuries can affect your daily activities and workout routines. You no longer can run, jump or climb stairs frequently, but don’t worry as there are lots of low-impact exercises to keep you fit and healthy.


Probably one of the best exercises in the world, swimming is not only gentle on your knees, but it’s also a great workout to sculpt a strong back, shoulders, and arms. Also, on average, 30 minutes of swimming can burn around 220 calories!


Walking is the perfect workout no matter what level of fitness you are at. It can reduce stress and burns fat without straining your joints.


Cycling can keep your heart rate up and tone your muscles. According to a study, cycling does not only improve your physical health, but it also has several positive outcomes on one’s emotional health; you’ll feel more confident, able to handle stress better and can sleep well.

4.Rowing machine

Rowing focuses on your legs, back, arms and core; basically, building your overall body strength and endurance. On average, a rowing machine workout burns around 600 calories an hour. However, make sure you find out how to use the machine properly from a professional trainer.


Another fun workout to try…TRX or total resistance exercises refers to a specific form of suspension training that requires special equipment developed by the U.S. Navy. This workout basically focuses on gravity and one’s body weight. TRX will get your heart rate up and build your endurance.

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