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5 tricks to help you feel fuller

Find out how you can shed those extra kilos with these easy tricks…

1.Pay attention to your habit

Most of us normally overindulge when we binge-watch our favourite TV shows or movies. Try to focus on the shows instead. If you really need to munch, try drinking water or eating fruits.

2.Eat protein at every meal

We cannot stress this enough…Protein takes longer to digest as compared to carbs. So, when you load your meal with protein, there is a high chance you might not need to snack in between meals frequently.

3.First and foremost…water!

Try to drink water before having any meal. This way, you’ll feel fuller faster and only need probably half of the portion you plan to eat.

4.Chew don’t swallow

Your body will not recognize that you’re feeling full if you eat too fast. So take your time and chew your food. You will not only feel full, you’ll also have better digestion!

5.Get quality sleep

Your sleeping pattern plays a huge role in your eating habits. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will need extra energy to keep going, thus making you craving for sugar and carbs.

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