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5 tips to maintain your energy during Ramadan

1.Never skip suhoor

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Make sure you eat energy boosting foods such as quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Also try to include lots of protein in your diet. This way, you won’t be losing much-needed muscle mass and it will help you to recover from injuries and repair tissues. However, try not to eat excessively during suhoor as you will experience discomfort which can lead to an upset stomach and intestinal disorders.

2. Adjust your training schedule

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This is very important. If your training time is normally during the day, try to schedule your training later in the evening close to break fast time. You won’t feel tired and could replenish immediately after training. Or alternatively, you could chose to work out a couple of hours after you break fast. It’ll will help you feel energized and you would be able to concentrate better during training.

3. Get quality sleep

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We understand how tiring Ramadan can be. You have to get up super early for suhoor and go to work or college, but try to get some quality sleep during this holy month. Perhaps you can stop scrolling through social media half an hour earlier everyday to catch up with some sleep.

4. Keep moving

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Fasting doesn’t mean you have to quit all physical activities. We encourage you to continue training as usual, however make sure you reduce the intensity of your training for a few days to make sure your body can adapt well. Don’t push yourself too hard as it might lead to injuries.

5. Hydration is key

Drink up! Try to drink as much as you can. We know its easier said than done but train yourself to drink a glass of water every hour after you break fast. Avoid drinking a lot of water at once as you’ll feel bloated.

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We hope Ramadan is not an excuse for you to be lazy and demotivated, instead make it as a stepping stone to achieve your fitness goals this year. Happy fasting!

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