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5 spots in the gym that breed germs

It’s ironic how gyms, a place you go to stay healthy and fit can also be the place germs breed. Check out where in the gym you might want to hang out less.


Gym shower is the perfect place for fungi and organisms that can cause infections, like athlete’s foot, ringworm, and warts. Saunas and steam rooms are also fairly dangerous as our skins soften when exposed to heat making us prone to those evil germs and bacteria. Make sure you use flip flops while in the locker room and shower. As for saunas and steam rooms, avoid being completely naked. Cover your bench with a clean towel and immediately shower after your session.  


2. Bike handlebars

Pathogens can cause infections such as tetanus, typhoid fever, diphtheria, and syphilis and are mostly transmitted through hand contact, making the bike handles a perfect place to catch the germs. Don’t cancel your spin class just yet, you just have to wipe those filthy handlebars and make sure to avoid touching any of your body parts till you wash your hand.

Credit: Leah Ingram


Do you bring your own towel or do you use the towel at your gym? If you do the latter, you’re most likely to be infected by E.coli! It’s highly recommended that you bring your own towel so that you won’t be affected by all those nasty bacteria.

Credit: Framepool

4.Yoga Mat

Let’s just see it this way; hundreds of people had been on the same yoga mat before you on that very same day. Some of them had a very intense (read: super sweaty) workout and they probably wipe it properly and some just don’t care. Their sweat will just dry out on the yoga mat and now it’s your turn to use it… The only solutions to this are either wipe the yoga mat with antibacterial wipes beforehand or simply bring your own yoga mat!

Credit: BCC

5.Cardio Machines

So sure, you’ve encountered treadmills covered in sweat at least once in your life, right? Experts found staph, fungi, and yeast on gym bike seats. Euwww…. Always carry antibacterial wipes and wash your hand thoroughly after working out.

Credit: Unity Point Health

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