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5 small changes that can improve your health

You don’t necessarily need to make big changes to your lifestyle in order to be fit and healthy. Small changes done every day is better than nothing. Find out how you can improve your health with these 5 simple tweaks to your daily routine.

1.Drink more water

It’s very simple. Increase your water intake. According to Tara Allen, a certified health coach and personal trainer, “more than anything else, hydration keeps our healthy lifestyle, well, flowing, since it helps our metabolism run smoothly”. Studies show that when we’re dehydrated, our metabolism dips and our body burns 2 per cent fewer calories. Increase your water intake slowly every day, maybe start by sipping on one extra glass of water today.

2.Sleep earlier

A lot of us go to bed early but we spend hours scrolling on social media or continue to work using our phone. According to the American Sleep Association, nearly 5 per cent of obesity issues could be solved with extra sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep will cause you to have less energy and be hungrier. The worst thing is it can cause you to crave sweets and salty food.

3. Move for 5 minutes every day

Sounds doable right? Do any simple movement for just 5 minutes every day and notice the difference. This small change can encourage you to actually start working out for a longer period of time.

4.Add more colour to your plate

You don’t have to stop eating everything you like just because you want to lose weight. You just have to be smart about it, simply add vegetables and fruits to your plate. Do you know that having salads 30 minutes prior to major meals can curb appetite and make weight loss goals more achievable?


The ideal gap between your meals should not be more than 4-hours. Exceeding this time frame can cause you to eat more but we are not talking about chocolates-ice-creams-cookies kind of snacks, we’re referring to almonds, kale chips and celery sticks.

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