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5 signs you’re pushing yourself too hard at the gym

You are losing weight slowly but consistently; you’re feeling healthier and better lately all thanks to the extra effort you’ve been putting in at the gym. However, the ‘no pain, no gain’ concept has its limit. Find out if you’re pushing yourself too hard at the gym in this article.

1. You’re sore A.F.

Many of us measure the effectiveness of our workout based on how we feel sore afterwards right? It’s okay for you to feel so if you’re new to the workout routine. However, if you’ve been doing the same workout and still getting sore, it might be because you’re suffering from an overuse injury and need to give your muscle a rest.

2. Overall fitness levels drop

You need to give a decent amount of time for your body to recover because you have to admit exercising causes stress to your body. Take some time to find out what your body is trying to say.

3. You’re cranky (or crankier…)

Yes, we understand how desperate you are to achieve your fitness goals but you still need some time to rest. Your mood will be everywhere if you don’t have enough rest. You’ll get annoyed easily because your brain is too tired!

4. You often feel sick

Workout can boost your immunity however overdoing it can break down your immune system making it easier for you to fall sick.

5. Exercise is your top priority

A workout should be your priority but it shouldn’t top other things that are equally important like personal well being, family and career. Spend some time to work out and improve your health but don’t revolve your life around it.

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