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5 reasons you’re not losing weight even after you’ve cut junk food

It has been quite some time since you last had junk food and you’ve been consistent about this but you still haven’t lost any weight… Find out why in this article.

1. You’re eating too much healthy food

…but it’s healthy! Yes, it’s healthy but it still contains calories. You can eat junk food all year round and if your body burns more than you consume, you’ll still lose weight. Losing weight is not about what you put in your body, it is all about the calorie however to stay healthy, the quality of the food plays an important role.

2. You’re not resting

Rest is as important as the workout. The faster you learn this the easier it will be for you to achieve your goal. You need to give yourself some time to recover from all the workouts.

3. You’re skipping meals

You may be thinking its easier to skip a meal, I’ll not eat many calories and will lose weight faster. That’s not the case here. Skipping meals can cause you to eat more during your next meal. To avoid this, time your meals properly and follow it.

4. You’re drinking protein shake

Is it necessary? Read more, here.

5. You’re expecting instant results

You may be thinking you’ve quit junk food for almost a month and your body should reward you with your desired weight, right? Sad to let you know, your body will need some time to lose weight. You just have to keep going. You don’t gain weight by eating junk food in a day or a month’s time, so you should not expect your body change drastically almost immediately.

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