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5 push-up mistakes sabotaging your chest transformation

You’ve been doing push-ups all your life but your pecs muscles are still not visible? Maybe you’re doing it wrong! Find out if you’re doing any of the mistakes listed below.

1.Hand placement is wrong

Most people place their hands too wide or too narrow which causes them to put more pressure on the shoulder, and your body will not be able to perform a full push-up.

How to do it:

Credit: GMB Fitness

2.  Flared elbows

People assume our body should form a ‘T’ shape with our arms at 90-degree angles from the body but it shouldn’t be like that as it will add pressure on the shoulder. Instead, make sure your elbows are pointing backwards at 60-degree angles from your body, turning your body shape into an arrow.

How to do it:

Credit: Testosterone Nation

3. Lower back sags

Maintain a plank like position from hip to your toes to avoid this mistake. Make sure your back is flat, belly button tucked and core tight before you perform any push-up.

How to do it:

Credit: Cody Gualtieri

4. Focusing on the number of push-ups

How many reps of push-ups you can do a day doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get your form right. You could even perform 400 push-ups and only reap minimal benefits because your form is off.

How to do it:

Credit: Calisthenicmovement

5. Holding your breath

Breathing correctly is crucial especially when you’re doing physical activities. Make sure to breathe from your nose and inhale while pushing down and breathe out while you push up. This will help your body to relax.

How to do it:

Credit: Matt Ward


Check out our attempt at performing PROPER push-ups!:

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