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5 of our favourite YouTube workout channels

Need some workout inspiration? Be it at the gym or no-equipment home workouts, nothing should really stop you from burning calories and building body strength. You only need a strong WIFI and your workout equipment. Check out our favourite workout channels on #YouTube.

1.POPSUGAR fitness

Why we love it: There are more than 100 cardio videos for you no matter where you are on your fitness journey! Complete with timer and proper instructions from the instructors, we guarantee you will love this channel!


2. Blogilates

Why we love it: Constantly updating their subscribers with interesting workout series, it’s hard not to check out their YouTube channel on a daily basis. They are currently hosting the #100glutechallenge in where participants are required to do 100 reps of the butt exercise they post for the day.

Credit: Blogilates

3.Les Mills

Why we love it: Check out their channel if you need to get your form right!

Credit: Les Mills

4. Fitness Blender

Why we love it: You’re too busy to work out? It’s the perfect channel for some quick and easy workouts to keep you moving!

Credit: Fitness Blender

5. Yoga with Adriene

Why we love it: Think you need to pay for a good yoga class? Check out the Yoga with Adriene channel for different styles of yoga.

Credit: Yoga with Adriene

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