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5 non-boring cardio exercises to improve your footy skills

To some people, cardio means running but it does not have to be only that. Check out different cardio exercises to improve your overall football performance.

1.Agility ladder

Credit: ehowhealth

Agility ladder workout is all about speed, balance, and coordination which are essential aspects in football. There’s a study that proved agility training can help with your cognitive performance, athletic footwork, memory and concentration.

2. Indoor rowing

Credit: Concept2Australia

You’ll need a rowing machine to perform this exercise and it will strengthen your back, arms, and legs. Compared to other cardio exercises like swimming and running, rowing can actually help you to build more strength and power. Also, it’s a great exercise for weight loss.

3. Swimming

Credit: BUL

In an interview regarding his fitness secret, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that after every big game or intense training session, he will jump straight into a pool for recovery. Recovery is crucial to prevent muscle fatigue and unwanted injuries.

4.Battle ropes

Credit: Adrian Bryant

Battle ropes target almost every major muscle group. To make it more challenging, you can add jumps and lunges for more intensity to the lower part of your body. If you use battle ropes regularly, it will help your balance and coordination.


Credit: MomsIntoFitness

Rest assured that you won’t feel bored while doing HIIT workout as it is a variation of exercises and reps. You can include weights or just stick with your own body weight while performing this workout. Check out this easy HIIT workout you can start doing today.

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