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5 intermittent fasting rules you need to obey

We’ve discussed what intermittent fasting is and this article is all about how you can adapt the pattern of eating in your daily life!

1.Make sure you’re fit to fast

This is a common mistake everybody’s prone to do. Fasting isn’t for everyone. Those who are not advised to fast include pregnant and lactating women, people with diabetes and anyone who suffers from eating disorders. Worried you won’t be able to lose weight? Try eating clean instead.

2.Fit your fast into your daily schedule

Avoid fasting on a stressful day or days where you’ll be doing a lot of physical activities as it can cause fatigue and exhaustion to your body. If you’re new to intermittent fasting, try the alternate-day fasting option to give your body some time to adapt to this new diet.

3.Don’t treat your last meal of the day as the last meal of your life.

Go easy. Eat accordingly. Just because you’re going to start fasting in the next few hours, it doesn’t mean you can feed on everything. Eat a balanced diet so your body will allow a slower release of energy to get you through the fasting period.

4.Don’t go overboard celebrating those first few kilos lost

We understand you might feel excited seeing results you’ve been waiting for but don’t go overboard. Instead of cheating one whole day, try to just have one cheat meal. This way you’ll not confuse your body.

5.Listen to your body

If midway through your fasting you experience heart palpitations, dizziness or feel weak, you might want to stop immediately. That is just how your body reacts when something is not right. Listen and pay attention to your body.

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