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5 foods fitness experts won’t eat

Fitness experts won’t eat any of the foods on this list. Well since fitness experts are avoiding them, we think all of us should stay away too, right? Find out what food could ruin your health in this article.

1.Fast Food

Fast food is not good for your health, mainly because they have no nutritional value, you’re just feeding yourself empty calories. Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Ben Boudro claimed that “if you eat fast foods, you are lazy, I work more than an average of 80 hours per week and somehow still find time to meal prep all of my meals for the week.” #ouchh

2.Energy drinks

Seriously guys, we’ve discussed about this so many times in our articles. Check out why you shouldn’t drink energy drinks, here

3.Hot dog

Certified personal trainer,Doug Sklar stated that he would never touch a hot dog because it is high in saturated fat, loaded with sodium, artificially coloured and preserved with sodium nitrites and nitrates.


If you want a younger looking skin and your body to work optimally, quit alcohol! Alcohol is another form of empty calorie drink you should avoid at all cost.

5. Raw fish

There is a high possibility that raw fish contain bacteria, such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria, or parasites which will live if it’s not handled properly. This can lead to food poisoning. Always cook your food to kill the bad bacteria in it.

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