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5 exercises fitness trainers would never do

Fitness trainers basically study about what certain exercises can do to your body. Find out the workouts trainers would not waste a single minute on,

1. Avoid: Thigh adductor machine

The adductor machine is loved by many gym-goers cause using it will make you ‘feel strong’. You can add on a lot of weight and still be able to perform the exercise and also, it will leave you with a burn; giving you the impression that it’s working.

However, it’s not recommended for anyone to do this machine workout as our body isn’t designed for such movements.

Do: Single-leg Romanian deadlifts

2. Avoid: Shoulder presses behind the head

You are putting your shoulders at risk of injury when you perform shoulder presses behind the head. But you are not just putting your shoulders in danger, the exercise can also lock down joints at the sternum, collarbone, and also your arms.

Do: Overhead shoulder presses

3. Avoid: Straight-leg deadlifts

Instead of straight-leg deadlifts, you should perform the Romanian deadlift as it will work your hamstring and glute strength which will improve your posterior in the long run. By doing this variation of deadlift you can actually enhance your squats and regular deadlifts.

Do: Romanian deadlifts

4. Avoid: Tire flips

Yes, tire flips sure look cool but is it beneficial to your body? According to an exercise physiologist, Daryl Conant, “The problem with this particular exercise is that it is a difficult movement to perform and creates an imbalance in the body, which can cause injury,”.

Do: Clean and press

5. Avoid: Upright rows

Inflammation and shoulder pain is what you’re going to get if you do upright rows in the long term. Start practising dumbbell front raises as it doesn’t require internal rotation of the arms which can actually be harmful.

Do: Dumbbell front raises

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