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5 common excuses people give to avoid taking care of their health

Having to constantly watch your diet and exercise in order to be healthy can be tiring sometimes but to fall sick and not feel good about your body 24/7 is even worse. Check out 5 common excuses people give to avoid taking care of their health. Anything on the list seems familiar?

Excuse 1: YOLO

Yes, we only live once but imagine waking up feeling sluggish and not good about your body…Also, you will run the risk of developing dangerous diseases as you age if you neglect your health now. It’s okay if you don’t want to just eat salads and workout 24/7 but at least try to incorporate some healthy lifestyle habits in your life and see how your health improves.

Excuse 2: I’m busy

No one will ever have time to work out or prepare healthy food, you just have to make time instead. You need to squeeze in an hour or less for a workout at the gym or just simply exercise in the comfort of your own house. Also, if you don’t have time to prepare your own healthy food, make sure to be smart in choosing what you put in your mouth. No matter what it is, make time for yourself.

Excuse 3: I cannot afford a gym membership

Totally understandable. You might want to try these simple yet effective at-home workouts. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go to the gym. Taking the stairs instead of going on the elevator or walking an extra 10 mins every day is enough to keep you fit.

Excuse 4: I’m not a morning person or the gym is crowded in the evening

Morning or evening is not good for you? Find a time and make it work. Stop giving yourself an excuse. You might need to drag yourself to the gym the first few weeks but trust us, once your mind and body starts to get used to your routine, everything will be easier.

Excuse 5: Where do I start

The good thing about this excuse is you already have the motivation but it’s just that you don’t know where to start. #tbh it’s not a problem at all. You may want to read more on a certain subject of your concern. To be sure, you can refer to a doctor, specialist or expert to know where you should start your fitness journey.

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