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5 benefits of working out in the evening

We’ve discussed the amazing benefits of working out in the morning, here. Now, for those who prefer to workout in the evening, let’s find out what are the benefits.

1. Your body can workout harder

Researchers found out that we can push ourselves by 20 percent more if we workout in the evenings. Scientists also stated that for late risers, your performance peaks 11 hours after waking up and for early risers, your body will function well about six hours after waking up.

2. You can ‘finally’ control your late-night cravings

Imagine waking up early and going to the gym, then your day gets better when you fight off all your cravings during the day but as the evening approaches, your cravings get more intense and you finally give up. There is a chance that this might not happen to you if you choose to workout in the evening. Australian researchers at The Physiological Society discovered that working out in the evening leads to greater reductions of the hunger-stimulating hormone, ghrelin.

3. You’ll have a stronger heart

It is a known fact that working out can protect your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Jill Kanaley, professor at the University of Missouri Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, published a study that concluded working out at night, especially when you do resistance training, is more beneficial for the heart.

4. You’ll not be stressed

If you’re struggling to wake up and hit the gym, you might want to switch your workout schedule to later in the evening. Exercise is meant to reduce stress not be the cause of it, so find a time you are comfortable with and commit to it.

5. You’ll build muscle fast

Generally, our body produces cortisol (stress hormone) in bulk early in the morning. And this could actually hinder muscle growth. If you want to grow muscle, make sure to spend some time working out in the evening.

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