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5 absurd and life-threatening diets to avoid

All of us are aware that a healthy and balanced diet is the best and most effective way to lose weight even though it may take some time for us to reach our goal. We somehow wish there is a shortcut to this, and that’s when our mind would be open to the easiest and fastest alternatives available despite of how potentially dangerous it could be. Find out the type of diets that would not just cause harm to your body but also your life!

1.Cotton ball diet

As crazy as the name suggests, this diet involves swallowing cotton balls soaked in juices, lemonade, or a smoothie. It will make you full and help suppress your appetite. The thing that’s dangerous about this diet is you’ll be swallowing bleached polyester fibers filled with tons of other chemicals alongside your juices. Your stomach is not built to handle too much fibers as it will lead to blockages in your intestines called bezoars. Crazy right?


2.The tapeworm diet

You have to eat tapeworm eggs for this diet to work. The parasite will then eat your extra calories and once you’ve achieved your desired weight, you have to ask a doctor for anti-worm medication. What a world we live in!

Credit: Z Living

3.The cabbage diet

You can only consume cabbage; you can turn it into cabbage juice, cabbage shake, and cabbage everything. It’s not dangerous to eat only cabbage for the rest of your life however it will lead to major nutrient deficiencies.

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4.Sleeping beauty diet

The idea is to sleep through your hunger and if you fail to fall asleep naturally, you need to follow a strict regimen of chemical sleep aids! Before you think that this diet is not as crazy as swallowing cotton balls and tapeworm, do know that if you stay asleep most of the time you are at risk of muscle deterioration from a lack of movement.

Credit: Yahoo News

5.The cigarette diet

Throughout this diet, you can only consume water and puff on cigarettes. We don’t think we need to explain why it’s bad for your body cause smoking itself can lead to cancer, heart disease, stroke, impotence, and osteoporosis!


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