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4 things sabotaging your weight loss

#tbh losing weight is a battle within yourself. Some days you manage to fight-off junk-food cravings and other days you just cave into a cup of Boba tea. We’ve compiled a list of things you might be doing unconsciously that are sabotaging your weight loss.

“I’m only going to eat three times a day”

How many times you eat a day does affect your weight loss. You might think eating big meals three times a day can speed up your weight loss but it’s not as easy as that. On average, people will be taking their breakfast at 8 a.m, lunch at 1.00 p.m. and dinner at 8 p.m. Do you see the huge time gap between each meal? Your body tends to send hunger signals to your brain and you just can’t help but end up eating another meal. That is normally the reason you gain weight. Try to eat in a small portions frequently (up to 6 meals a day).

“I’m going to skip one meal to cut calories”

This will cause blood sugar imbalances and your appetite to go ‘crazy’. You’re simply ignoring your body’s signals of hunger and end up with eating night-time.  To avoid this, try to include snack time in the afternoon. Snack on something high in protein, some carbs and whole grains.

“I just had a bad breakup and food makes me feel better

Sorry that you are going through something bad in your life but ‘eating your way-out’ won’t help you! You’ll end up gaining weight, feeling sluggish and prone to fatal diseases. Try to find some other healthy ways to deal with your emotion!

“I’ve been eating healthy and working out for one month, why am I not losing weight yet?”

Some people think the minute you start eating healthy and spend some time working out, you will have the result instantly. Too bad that’s not just how things work. You have to be patient and consistent!

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