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10 footballers with the craziest hairstyles

Footballers can’t really style their jerseys, so the only thing they can fashion is their hair and sometimes they come up with the weirdest styles. We would like to invite you on a 5-minute journey of pure laughter. May these footballers’ crazy hairstyles brighten up your day!

10. Roberto Baggio

Business in the front, party in the back kinda hairstyle anyone?

Credit: italianicomenoi

9.Rodrigo Palacio

*standing ovation from the Futsal.Asia team*



Imagine the amount of shampoo he’d saved.


7.Aleksandar Mitrovic

No words.

Credit: Tribuna

6.Javier Margas

The lovely colours brings out his eyes, doesn’t it?

Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Neymar Jr

He’s known for being experimental but this is one of our favourite looks.

Credit: Getty

4.Paul Pogba

*standing ovation from the Futsal.Asia team*

Credit: 24celebs

3. Taribo West

Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls would be so jealous…

Credit: Redcafe

2.David Beckham

Now he’s all handsome and charming but back then he was not that stylish…

Credit: readbundesliga

1.Giovanni Pablo

He’s at the top of our list and here’s why.

Credit: Says

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