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Well educated Malaysian futsallers

Check out this list of local futsal players who score well in examination halls as well as futsal courts.

1.Yakish Rao A/L Kannanyadu

Credit: Yakish Instagram

Having graduated with a Degree in Business Management, this KL City playmaker posseses all the traits of an outstanding futsaller. Blessed with strong legs, Yakish can play in any position!

2. Mohd Khairul Effendy Mohd Bahrin

Credit: Khairul Instagram

Last year, Khairul helped Melaka United win the National Futsal League 2018 with his incredible skills on the court. The sports science graduate is also known in Indonesia thanks to his stint with SKN Kebumen in the Indonesian futsal league.

3. Saiful Nizam Mohd Ali

Credit: Semuanyabola

Coached by Chiew Chun Yong in the Malaysia national futsal squad, Saiful sure knows how to balance his studies with his passion for futsal. Saiful has a Diploma in Business Management and has won the National Futsal League with both Melaka United and Felda United.

4. Mohd Noor Azrin Adnan

Credit: Semuanyabola

A former goalkeeper of the Malaysia national futsal team under head coach Marcelo Serpa, Noor graduated with a Degree in Science Administration. Noor’s phenomenal skills between the posts have never failed to impress futsal fans.

5. Muhammad Azri Rahman

Credit: Azri Instagram

Azri is not only good at futsal, he also holds a Diploma in Accounting. Currently playing for Melaka United, Azri has proven time and again that he sure can juggle his studies and his passion.

Source: Semuanyabola

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