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Rules of futsal for newbies

Football rules are known by everyone but what about futsal? Here’s what you need to know to play the game.

  1. Each team consists of four outfield players and a goalkeeper.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of substitutions that may be made during the match.
  3. There are no offsides in futsal.
  4. There is no overtime, injury time and stoppage time.
  5. Futsal matches comprise of two 20 minute halves of actual playing time. Clock is stopped when ball goes out of play.
  6. Teams are entitled to a one-minute time-out in each half.
  7. Goalkeepers may not possess the ball for more than four seconds in their own half.
  8. If a team commits a sixth accumulated foul, the opposing side may take the free-kick awarded to them without a wall.
  9. Three referees oversee the action. One on either touchline, one to liaise with the timekeeper and another one to communicate calls.
  10. Goal clearances must be thrown not kicked out.

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