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Futsal formations to improve your game

Absolutely dominate your opponents with these 5 amazing futsal formations!


Credit: Futsal Guide

This a perfect-last-minute formation if you want to save your team from losing. However, don’t try this formation if the match has just started unless you’re sure you can score more goals than your opponents.


Credit: Futsal Guide

You need to make sure the two players in midfield are fast or simply have more substitute players in case the existing ones get tired. Also, be careful with this formation as the midfielders are at risk of being trapped outside a defensive position.


Credit: Futsal Guide

If you’re thinking of playing half-court press, you might want to consider this formation. Put your most skillful players on the front line and defenders at the back.


Credit: Futsal Guide

This formation is all about a simple balance between two defenders and two attackers which means there will always be support in defence and attack. However, your opponents might figure out your strategy and use it for their benefit.


Credit: Futsal Guide

The midfielder position is important if you’re going to play with this strategy. He needs to support the defender when the opponent is in control of the ball.

P.S.: For teams that have qualified to the Grand Final of the Pesta Futsal Rakyat Piala Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad 2019, you guys might want to take note and apply these tactics in your game. Good luck!

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