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5 tips to elevate your futsal game

In conjunction with the ongoing Pesta Futsal Rakyat 2019-Piala Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad starting from July 6 to September 1, Futsal.Asia would like to share a few tips that will help improve your game.

1.Bring substitute players

Since futsal is a fast-paced game, players tend to get tired easily. So you should bring a few subs (you are allowed to register up to 8 players for Pesta Futsal Rakyat tournament) to keep your team fresh and alert. Based on our observation, teams that turn up with just five players and no subs, rarely win games.

2. Play with your regular buddies

If you keep practising and playing with different people all the time then your chance of winning will drop. Try to get few people that are willing to commit to a training schedule and share the same passion for futsal.

3. Time to use the sole of your foot

Futsal is all about the close-control. You need to be able to use the sole of your foot to manipulate the ball in a confined space. You can move faster and in almost any direction when the ball is at the sole of your foot.

4. Have a game plan

Since futsal is a tactical game, make sure to prepare a game plan prior to your tournament and always stick to it. Every player needs to know their role and contribute accordingly. Sean Garnier reminds futsal players to make sure that their individual skills and talents don’t get drowned out by the demands of the team.

5.Make sure to have a lot of fun

Don’t stress too much over the final outcome. Just have fun and keep practising!

For more info on Pesta Futsal Rakyat 2019 – Piala Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, check out

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