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Zaquan urges fans to not “boycott”

Malaysia forward Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak has urged fans to come down and support the national squad in their AIRMARINE Cup 2019 clash against Singapore tonight.

It was recently revealed that the Ultras Malaya (a group of die-hard fans) are planning to boycott the entire AIRMARINE Cup because they believe that the tournament is being held solely for financial gain.

And during the Pre-Match Press Conference between Malaysia and Singapore, Zaquan said,”In the AFF Suzuki Cup final, we received a tremendous amount of support. On behalf of all the players, I would like to ask where has that spirit gone now?

“We’ve also got pride and we are doing our best for the nation. But when there are a large number of supporters who are planning to boycott our matches, it could crush our spirits. If it’s possible, please come to the stadium and support us, because we are also just humans, not robots.

“But if you would like to continue with this boycott, for whatever reason, I can’t force you. You all have your reasons, but we are still hoping for your support.”

The inaugural edition of the AIRMARINE Cup will feature the likes of Malaysia, Oman, Afghanistan and Singapore, with tickets being sold at RM45 (Grandstand) and RM35 (Open).

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