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VAR problems and possible solutions

Constantly being talked about worldwide, video assistant referee or VAR is actually a team of three people (video assistant referee himself, his assistant and a replay operator) who review certain decisions made by the match referee with the help of video replays.

In case you’re wondering, they are located in a video operation room where monitors showing different camera angles are also placed. Only four types of decisions can be reviewed using VAR;

  • goals
  • penalties
  • red cards
  • mistaken identity in awarding a card

However instead of becoming an instant solution, VAR has been creating even bigger problems in the football world. Find out what are the problems that have been surrounding VAR and how to fix them.

Problem #1: VAR is making all the big calls

Solution#1: Let the real-time-on-pitch referees make decisions, even if it means bending the rules a little. Remember Firmino’s offside goal? No referee would make such a decision.

Problem #2: Pitch-side monitors are not being used

Solution #2: If they start to utilize the on-pitch side monitors like what they did in the Champions League or even the FIFA World Cup 2018 when many game-altering calls were made, the referees will benefit from getting real-time replays to help them make better decisions.

Problem #3: VAR replays are not for public

Solution #3: Its about time to show the replay on the screens in the stadium because the whole idea of VAR initially was to offer more transparency in decision making.

Problem #4: Managers should stop making a big deal out of every single decision made by the referee or VAR.

Solution#4: It’s best for everyone; especially the managers and players to stop complaining and just accept the decision made by the person in charge.

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