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Top Premier League rivalries

The Premier League is one of the most entertaining football leagues in Europe and the battle to win the title is constantly intense. Check out some of the most heated rivalries from England’s top-tier.

Manchester United VS Manchester City

Manchester United used to be one of the best clubs in the world while City was constantly struggling in the first and second divisions of English football. But recently, they’ve stepped up their game. In today’s match, City won 3-1 against United. We guess from now on, Manchester is going to be blue…

Credit: The Independent

Arsenal VS Tottenham Hotspur

For past decades, Arsenal has been dominating North London. Despite first playing against each other in 1887, their rivalry only got underway in 1913 when Arsenal moved their ground to north London. Since then, fans have seen (and caused) all kind of arguments, from controversial player transfers between the two clubs to racial slurs among fans.

Credit: Cartilage Free Captain

Liverpool VS Manchester United

Probably one of the most heated rivalries on earth, Liverpool and Manchester United are among the two most successful clubs in Europe. Also known as the North-West derby, they are equally great. United is proud of their 20 league titles whereas Liverpool has only achieved 18. However, Liverpool has been European champions six times.

Credit: Bleacher United

Liverpool VS Everton

Commonly referred to as the Merseyside derby, Liverpool and Everton are located very close to each other; only 400m away. Liverpool may have won more trophies and dominated most of the matches played between the two sides, but Everton’s overall effort and style of play has become more interesting over the years.

Credit: Irish Mirror

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