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Top footballers in disguise

If you happen to encounter random people who are good with a football, there’s a high chance that they are professional footballers. Check out these footballers who managed to fool their fans.


You would definitely know it’s Ronaldinho if you’re his biggest fan. Check out what happens when he disguises himself as a policeman.

Credit: Just Football

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo went all out getting ready for this prank and no bypassers actually realised they’re walking next to a world-class footballer until a little boy actually plays with him.

Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo – ROC Live Life Loud


Imagine having a chance to play with one of the most skillful players? And on top of that, getting a few tips to improve your game!

Credit: Barcastuff

Franck Ribery, David Alaba and Rafinha

Personally, this is our favourite on the list! This trio managed to fool a few dudes on the pitch who think that they don’t actually know how to play football.


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