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Top 5 most loyal footballers

One-club footballers are a rare breed nowadays as they are constantly lured away by the money and fame offered by other clubs. Here’s a list of our top one-club footballers.

1.Lionel Messi

Messi has been playing for Barcelona since like forever and it seems there’s no way that he would leave for other clubs in the near future, despite his current contract ending in 2021. Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child and Barcelona was the only club in the world that offered to pay for the treatment he needed at the time. Hence, it’s probably why Messi is so loyal to Barcelona.

Credit: The New York Times

2.Ryan Giggs

Giggs spent his entire footballing career with Manchester United. He was first given an offer to join the club on his 17th birthday and accepted the offer two days later and the rest is history. He won thirteen Premier League winner’s medals and later was appointed as a player-coach at Manchester United in 2013. He started managing the Welsh national football team in 2018.

Credit: Bleacher Report

3.Paolo Maldini

Maldini played for AC Milan throughout his career and even started his youth and senior career with the same club. Despite his experience and skills, Maldini refused to be a coach. He was offered few managerial positions but turned down each of them.


4.Tony Adams

Currently an English football manager, Adams played for Arsenal from 1983 till 2002. He is considered one of the most iconic Arsenal players of all time due to his leadership qualities and impressive skill.

Credit: Daily Express

5.John Terry

Technically, Terry didn’t only play for Chelsea throughout his career but he was with the club from 1995 (started his youth career) till 2017. He did however have a loan spell with Nottingham Forest in 2000 where he only made 6 appearances. Following his departure from Chelsea, he spent one season with Aston Villa before retiring later in 2018.

Credit: Business Insider

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