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Top 5 most influential personalities in football

There is a long list of influential personalities in the world of football. Find out who are our favourite names in the industry.

1.Footballer: Lionel Messi

Ronaldo and Messi’s rivalry has been so intense over the years; they are often compared for the amounts of awards won, goals scored, fitness levels, playing styles and etc. It’s not easy for us to pick a side but this time around we have to give it to Lionel Messi. Recently, Messi won his sixth Ballon d’Or award, one more than Ronaldo. Ballon d’Or award honours the player who has performed best over the past year based on a voting done by journalists, coaches and captains of national teams. Logically, we are ‘right’ to choose Messi because most of the personalities in football also prefer him over Ronaldo. #justsayin

Credit: Forbes

2.Women’s footballer: Megan Rapinoe

This is Rapinoe’s year for sure. Playing as a winger, she captains Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the United States women’s national soccer team. From winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 against Thailand to grabbing the Ballon d’Or Feminin, her future in the world of football looks promising.

Credit: Yahoo

3.Manager: Juergen Klopp

Klopp doesn’t need any introduction. We personally think the 51-year-old knows so much about the game because he is a former footballer himself. In the past, Klopp played for Mainz 05, Rott-Weiss Frankfurt and many more. Career-wise, he’s doing excellent. He has been managing Liverpool since 2005 to date.

Credit: The Liverpool Offside

4.Referee: Felix Brych

Brych is ranked as a UEFA Elite group referee. He started his refereeing career in the Bundesliga in 2004. Also, do you know that he is a qualified doctor of law?


5.Agent: Jorge Mendes

Mendes is one of the top football agents in the world currently and he was the one responsible for Ronaldo’s move from Sporting to Manchester United in 2003, and then the RM 400 million world-record move from United to Real Madrid in 2009. Read more about him, here.

Credit: The Straits Times

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