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Top 5 funniest football commentaries

We can’t imagine how dull football matches would be if they didn’t come with commentary. Find out our favourite 5 football commentaries of all time. This will surely crack you up!

1.Justin Lockwood: Arsenal VS Newcastle

Currently a managing director at a media company in North East England, Lockwood used to be a freelance radio presenter. In a match between Arsenal and Newcastle, he couldn’t contain his excitement when Newcastle pulled one back to make the scoreline 4-4, and let out a funny line that went something like, BOOM BOOM CHIEK CHIEK THE ROOM!

Credit: Real RadioNE

2.Gary Neville: Chelsea VS Barcelona

Probably the funniest commentary on our list, Neville technically howled after Fernando Torres skipped past Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes and scored a goal. Yes howled!


3. Khalid Al-Ghoul: Arsenal VS Manchester United

Football commentaries get 10 times better if the commentator is a passionate fan himself. We’re not just creating this, it’s fact! Khalid Al-Ghoul wished Rooney happy birthday out of excitement (we’ve checked, it wasn’t Rooney’s birthday). Watch this video for proof.

Credit: Cmfarsta

4.Gaspar Rosety: Real Madrid VS Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Rosety uttered the word goal 57 times during a match between Real Madrid and Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

Credit: Todo Radio

5.Andy Harper: Adelaide United VS Kuruvchi

Harper is a former Australian footballer and currently, works as a pundit and commentator for Fox Sports. He is known for his spontaneous one-liners. Funniest things he has said include, “taking baby from a candy”, “Like a salmon, a spawning salmon!” and many more.

Credit: JAYFC X

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