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Top 5 footballers with the most red cards in history

Receiving a red card can scar a footballer’s career. However, some players don’t really care about this. Find out if your fav player made it to our list.

1.Gerardo Bedoya

Bedoya has collected a total of 46 red cards and often referred to as the world’s dirtiest footballer! The video below will explain why he is referred to as such.

Credit: PicanGolTV

2.Cyril Rool

Rool, a retired French footballer received 27 red cards throughout his career and was known to start brawls and attack opponents.

Credit: Bugsy3113

3.Sergio Ramos

#tbh Ramos is the inspiration for this article. Currently playing for Real Madrid, he has received 24 red cards to date and 19 of those are from La Liga matches.

Credit: Overall Football

4. Alexis Ruano Delgado

Delgado is a Spanish footballer known for being short-tempered and has been handed 22 red cards throughout his career.

Credit: Yeni Safak

5. Paolo Montero

In an interview, Montero said; “Sometimes you have to do anything to win and this is my nature.” And that explains all the 21 red cards he has collected.

Credit: Cesar Futbol Total

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