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Top 5 countries that export footballers

Countries let their players play in foreign leagues in order to let their footballers gain experience and exposure which later can be useful when they return to represent the national team. Find out which countries are the top exporters of footballers.


Brazil is the leading exporter of players and to date, about 1,202 Brazilians play professional football outside their country. And from that number, 65% are playing for clubs based in UEFA countries. Portugal is the major destination for Brazilian players mainly because they speak the same language.

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There are about 781 French footballers playing overseas and England is the top destination with 107 players. Also in a study conducted by the CIES Football Observatory, data shows that French players with Algerian roots are migrating back to Algeria to play there.

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In case you didn’t know, Argentina has the most number of footballers with more than 2.6 million both registered and unregistered combined. This is happening because it’s impossible to get into Argentinian league so players instead travel abroad to chase their dream.

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To date more than 460 Serbian footballers play in foreign leagues. Most of them migrate to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Hungary. Nemanja Matic and Vladimir Beara are a couple of Serbian footballers who are known in the international football scene.

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English footballers love to play in the US as their culture and language are similar. That’s why US is among the most preferred destination for English footballers after Wales and Scotland.

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