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Through the keyhole: This is how much top footballers charge per Instagram post

Footballers are not just making money when they play football, in this digital age they are also getting paid by brands to promote products on their social media. Check out top 5 footballers who get paid the most for every Instagram post.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

We feel like he’s always on top of… almost all of our lists. With 187 million followers, this 5 times Ballon D’or winner charges roughly around RM4M per post! Also, he is the highest-earning celebrity on Instagram with an income of RM200M!

Credit: Ronaldo’s Instagram

2.Lionel Messi

Messi charges close to RM2.7M per post. Barcelona’s star has 134 million followers on the photo and video-sharing social networking service. In case you’re wondering how much he earned from Instagram itself: No less than RM97M!

Credit: Messi’s Instagram

3.Neymar Jr.

Constantly updating his 127 million followers on Instagram with his latest career news and personal life, Neymar gets paid around RM3M per post! No doubt one day Neymar will top the captain of the Portugal national football team.

Credit: Neymar’s Instagram

4.David Beckham

Considered as one of the best footballers during his time, Beckham still hasn’t lost his sting even after his retirement. He has about 58.7 million followers and demands around RM4M per promo post. 

Credit: Beckham’s Instagram


Thanks to Instagram, we have the chance to peak into the life of a former legendary footballer, Ronaldinho. With 49.2 million followers on his Instagram, Ronaldinho charges RM1.072M per post!

Ronaldinho’s Instagram

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