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Through The Keyhole: Famous Footballers

With six-figure weekly salaries, you can build your dream house for sure! We’ve compiled 5 footballers’ luxurious mansions from around the world.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

No introduction needed, the 34-year-old Portuguese player earns around RM 8,799,863.48 weekly! Check out his house or shall we say mansion?

Credit: Fox Soccer

2.Wayne Rooney

Worth an estimated RM 2,099,050.00, this house is located in the Bahamas and it is just his vacation house. Aside from his incredible skills, he is also known to have properties across the globe.

Credit: 4WAM

3.Mesut Ozil

In January 2018, Ozil signed a new three-and-a-half-year contract with Arsenal and is reported to earn around RM 1,833,090.92 on a weekly basis.

Bonus: This video also features Ozil’s impressive car and shoe collection!

Credit: HypeBeast

4. Lionel Messi

Messi lives in Bellamar, an expensive suburb of Castelldefels, Barcelona and probably is not going to move anywhere soon as he recently signed a new contract to extend his stay at FC Barcelona until 2021.

Credit: Sofoo

5.Romelu Lukaku

This Belgian footballer made his senior debut at the age of 16 playing for Anderlecht. In August 2019, he joined Inter Milan signing a five-year contract for a club record fee of RM 33,584,800.00. Of course, he can afford such property!

Credit: B/R Football

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