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The origin of famous football club nicknames: Part 2

This article is a part of a series. Have you checked out Part 1? Find out the story behind these famous football club nicknames.

1.Barcelona: Los Blaugranas or Los Culés

Los Blaugranas generally means the colour red and blue. ‘Blau’ is blue and ‘Grana’ means deep red. Barcelona’s theme colours were chosen by the founder of the club, Hans Gamper. As for Los Cules, literally it means those who show their backside. Back in the 20th century, when the stadium couldn’t accommodate many supporters, football fans would sit on one side of the pitch where there was a wall to watch their team play. With the wall’s opposite side facing the street, people walking past the stadium would get a clear view of their backside, which is how the club got its nickname.

Credit: Inkhel

2.Ajax: The sons of God

The name of the club is derived from Ajax the Great, a hero and God of the Trojan War in Greek mythology. Founded in Amsterdam in 1900, the club included a portrait of Ajax to their logo in 1925 and they were referred to as the sons of God since then.

Credit: Depositphotos

3.Juventus: La Vecchia Signora

One of the first football clubs founded in Italy, La Vecchia Signore literally means “The Old Lady. Also, if you’re a Juventus supporter or player, you are known as Bianconeri which means the black and white in reference to the club’s official colours.


4.FC Porto: The dragons

This one is pretty straight forward; FC Porto is a Portuguese football club. The club got its nickname from the country’s national animal which is the dragon.

Credit: Twitter

5.Manchester City: The Citizens or Sky Blues

Lately, many people refer to Manchester City as The Citizens and that nickname is an extension of the club’s actual name. As for why they are referred to as Sky Blues is because the club never wore any other colour since 1980!

Credit: scmp

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