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The origin of famous football club nicknames: Part 1

Every known football club has their own unique nickname but where do these names come from? Find out the origin of famous football club nicknames.

1.Arsenal: The Gunners

This one is actually straightforward; do you notice the gun or cannon in the middle of the Arsenal logo? That’s how the club gets its nickname. Why a gun or cannon, you ask? Well, Arsenal was actually formed by workers at Royal Arsenal, where weapons for the British army were manufactured and stored!

Credit: 9walls

2.Manchester United: The Red Devils

Originally, Manchester United was referred to as ‘The Heathens’- part of the city they called home. However, after the name change and colour swap; from green and gold to red- the club started to be known as ‘The Reds’. Meanwhile, in a different part of the world, the Red Devils was the name used by a famous rugby team in France. In the 1960s Matt Busby adopted it and the rest is history.

Credit: Zimbio

3.Chelsea: The Blues

In recent years, everybody knows that The Blues is Chelsea’s nickname but originally, the club was referred to as ‘The Pensioners’. In the 1960s, the club changed their kit to all-blue inspiring the rest of the world to call them ‘The Blues’.

Credit: Tiqets

4. Tottenham “Hotspur”

Basically, the founders wanted to associate a sign of courage with the club and chose to include the name of Harry Hotspur – captain in the Anglo-Scottish wars. Also, they choose to include a cockerel – a fighting bird in the logo to represent the fighting spirit of Tottenham.

Credit: YouTube

5.Real Madrid: The Vikings

In the 70s most of the club’s players came from northern Europe (where vikings originate from) like Günter Netzer, Paul Breitner, Uli Stielike and Henning Jensen. Hence, the nickname.

Credit: Daily Express

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