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The meaning behind footballers’ tattoos

A tattoo is a form of art and many footballers choose this way to express themselves. Find out the meaning behind these footballers’ tattoos.

1.Mauro Icardi

Currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain (on loan from Inter Milan), Icardi has been the subject of controversy for many years due to his marriage to Wanda Nara, Maxi Lopez’s ex-wife. Lopez is Icardi’s former Sampdoria teammate. (Say what?!!) Icardi and Nara have two daughters; Francesca and Isabella. Both of them had their name tattooed on their father’s chest. He also inked his step children’s name; Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto.

Credit: Twipu

2.Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic is basically covered with tattoos. He is without a doubt a family man as he displays his affection for his parents with his mother’s name, Jurka, tattooed on his left arm and his father’s name, Sefik, can be seen on his right. Not just that, there is also an Arabic inscription on his right tricep that reads his family name, Ibrahimovic. You can find the name of his sons, Vincent and Maximilian on his right arm.

Credit: Dream Team

3.Alberto Gilardino

Gilardino deserves a father of year award because he got a Peppa Pig tattoo for his daughter!

Credit: Scooper

4.Sergio Ramos

Ramos takes his career seriously when he got the numbers 35, 90+, 32 and 19 inked in red in 2016. The meaning behind the numbers is when he first started his career at Sevilla, Ramos’ first squad numbers were 35 and 32, while 90+ refers to his injury-time goal in the 2014 Champions League final against Atletico Madrid. As for the 19, he made his official debut for Spain on his 19th birthday.

Credit: Marca

5.Raheem Sterling

Been forced to defend a tattoo of an M16 assault rifle after anti-gun campaigners called it “disgusting”, Sterling said it was inspired from his pledge to never touch a gun after his father was shot dead when he was two years old.


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