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AFF Suzuki Cup 2018


Shebby Singh: Cheng Hoe should stay

Former Malaysia national player, Serbegeth Singh believes that Tan Cheng Hoe should remain as coach of the Harimau Malaya.

But Shebby insists that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) should invest on helping Cheng Hoe expand his coaching knowledge in preparation of the Asia Cup and World Cup qualifiers next year.

“In my opinion, based on what was accomplished at the AFF Cup, Cheng Hoe should be maintained. This is not only because the Harimau Malaya achieved their goal of making it to the final but also due to the high levels of motivation and harmony I sensed from the players.

“And if the FAM want to offer him a new contract, they should be ready to invest in Cheng Hoe by sending him for coaching courses overseas or getting him involved in a training program with a team abroad.

“I’m confident that by making the said investment, it will help Cheng Hoe prepare a better team for the future,” he said.

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