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PFA President likens himself to a baby

President of the Perlis Football Association (PFA) Datuk Ahmad Amizal Shaifit Ahmad Rafie insists that they need to be given more time to sort out the issues at the club.

Datuk Amizal took over three months ago and Perlis have come under heavy fire for not being able to pay player salaries that are way overdue.

“What can a baby do in the first three month’s of its life?

“People can say whatever they want about what’s going on within the association, but if you ask me, the team is in a harmonious state and nothing like how it’s being portrayed on social media. I would like the cooperation of all the fans and give us time because we are just getting started.

“This has impacted us negatively and it’s significantly affecting our plans for the team. Regardless, we will keep working hard and as the president, I will try to resolve this issue soon.

“We are still new. If I take over today and in three years this is still happening, I will take full responsibility. But I’ve only been here for three months. What can a baby do in three months?,” said Datuk Amizal in an interview Berita Harian.

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