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PFA accused of pocketing money

An unnamed former Perlis player has claimed that the Perlis Football Association (PFA) collected a total of RM400,000 in ticket sales for their preseason friendlies.

PFA’s financial struggles has been publicised widely and it ultimately led them to being kicked out of this season’s M-League by the Malaysian Football League (MFL).

And now it appears there’s a sizeable amount of money that has been missing from their books; money which could have been used to pay overdue player salaries.

“At first he (PFA President) said there’s a kitty of RM15 million, but we were obviously conned. And when they failed to pay our salaries, we did ask them why the money from the ticket sales was not being used. Even if there was just RM100 thousand, though we know the amount was significantly higher, they could have paid us a little bit to help ease our burden.

“But the management said nothing. We were told that there was no money and ticket sales were not as high as expected. So where did the money go? The fans turned out in droves for both friendly matches and the cheapest ticket was RM10.

“This matter must be investigated, because it is no longer an issue of them not honouring our contracts or us being conned. Now money from the ticket sales are also missing,” said the former Perlis player who wished not to be named, in an interview with Foxsport Asia.

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