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Pafa: Teams must support MFL’s move

Football Association of Perak (Pafa) vice president, Abd Aziz Yeop Jamaluddin, is in full support of the Malaysia Football League’s (MFL) proposal to have a budget cap for teams in the M-League.

According to Abdul Aziz, the system, which is being used in La Liga, has proven that it is an effective way to solve overdue player salary issues and should be implemented here in Malaysia as well.

But Abdul Aziz believes that in order for the system to work, it needs to be supported by the all the teams in the M-League and they need to be ready to change their mentality.

“This is a new step, and based on what the system was able to accomplish in Spain, it could do wonders for us here in Malaysia.

“But I believe that the teams there gave their full cooperation to make the system work.

“So, all the teams here in the M-League will also have to cooperate and support this move by the MFL. The mentality needs to change as this is not a small matter. MFL will also require a lot of crucial documents from the clubs to determine their financial situation, so all teams must be ready to work together,” said Abdul Aziz.

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