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Our favourite 5 footballers’ statues

If you’re a football fan, we’re sure you’ve posed in front of footballer statues at least once in your life, but do you really know them? Check out our top 5 of favourite footballer statues around the world.

1.Sir Bobby Robson

Robson was an English footballer and manager. He played in the England national team from 1957 to 1962. In 1968 he accepted the Fulham manager role and continued managing few other clubs till the end of his life. During his years as England manager, he took his team to the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup and was later awarded the C.B.E. which stands for Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The C.B.E.’s are awarded as a token of appreciation for all the positive impact they have done in their work.

Credit: Geograph

2.Diego Maradona

The Argentina legend is regarded as one of the best footballers of all time and he was honoured with a statue in Kolkata, India. Even though the statue doesn’t resemble Maradona at all at least he has been honoured greatly in another country. Check out Maradona’s awkward reaction as soon as they unveiled his statue.

3.George Hardwick

Statue of Hardwick stands outside the Riversdale Stadium in Middlesbrough. Hardwick was an English footballer, manager and coach. Hardwick played in 13 international matches and served as the team’s first post-World War II captain.

Credit: Glassdoor

4.Mohamed Salah

Currently playing for Liverpool, Salah doesn’t need further introduction. Salah’s statue was unveiled in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, but the statue was quite horrible, #tbh. We personally think a talented and versatile player like him deserves better if he is to be immortalised.

Credit: Daily Express

5.Stan Mortensen

Mortensen was mostly known because he became the only player ever to score a hat-trick in a Wembley FA Cup Final. Following retirement in 1967, he managed the Blackpool team until 1969 and there is a rumour that in order to help out the club during a time of financial hardship, he sold his football medals to raise funds. His statue is located outside Bloomfield Road.

Credit: Offbeat

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