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Most embarrassing on-pitch fights between teammates

It’s completely normal for footballers to have on-pitch fights with opposing players but these teammates couldn’t hold it in anymore and allowed their anger to speak for them. Find out the most embarrassing on-pitch fights between teammates in the football world.

Mario Balotelli vs Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City)

This one is a bit funny because Balotelli and Kolarov argued over who would take a free-kick. Seriously? Vincent Kompany’s intervention literally saved the day. City went on to win the game but people still talk about the fight between Balotelli and Kolarov till date.

Credit: Myth Buster

Lee Bowyer v Kieron Dyer (Newcastle United)

It’s not a secret that Bowyer and Dyer cannot be on the same page but this duo made their disagreement ‘official’ during a Premier League match between Newcastle and Aston Villa. They were sent off after punches were thrown by both players.

Credit: Football Brawls

Emmanuel Adebayor vs Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal)

They had a fight simply because Bendtner refused to take his shoes off when he was in the dressing-room. Adebayor stated that “There was a rule at Arsenal where no one is allowed to come into the dressing room with trainers or house shoes on. I cannot understand why Nicklas came every day with his shoes on. I said, Nicklas, you are a footballer, I am a footballer. Maybe I am better than you, maybe you are better than me but you have to respect everyone. There are rules saying you cannot come into the dressing-room with your house shoes. Take them off.”- We’re on Adebayor’s team. What about you guys?

Credit: Sportskeeda

Benoit Assou-Ekkoto vs Benjamin Moukandjo (Cameroon)

Assou-Ekkoto headbutted his Cameroon team-mate Benjamin Moukandjo after the striker refused to acknowledge a criticism directed at him. It’s just a simple misunderstanding but when anger is in control, nothing good will come out of it.

Credit: Incredible Video

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