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MFL reject PFA’s appeal

Malaysian Football League (MFL) announced that the Perlis Football Association’s (PFA) appeal to be allowed back into the Malaysia Premier League this season, has been rejected.

The decision was made by the MFL Board of Directors after PFA formally submitted the required supporting documents for the appeal process.

“Perlis were informed that the lawyer’s letter must show that there’s money in the account. Perlis were also informed that it can’t be a letter which states that money will only be deposited into the account if the appeal goes through.

“After reviewing the documents that were submitted by PFA, it’s clear that potential sponsors are willing to contribute a total of RM8,000,000, provided Perlis win the appeal. This clearly does not meet MFL’s criteria which states that the sponsorship money must already be in the escrow account before the appeal is made.

“Thus, the MFL Board of Directors have decided to reject Perlis’ appeal and they will not be allowed to compete in the 2019 Premier League,” said MFL in an official statement today.

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